CYP is a charity that supports all aspects of working with young people from all cultures and backgrounds. We work in partnership with other organisations and individuals who provide services for young people in Cambourne. We aim to provide activities for young people in a safe, healthy and welcoming environment, promote activities which are inclusive to people with different abilities and provide young people with information and advice on careers, health and further education.


romsey mill

Romsey Mill is a charity committed to overcoming disadvantage, challenging injustice and promoting social inclusion with young people, children and families. We work with over 3,500 individuals and families each year, including: young mothers and fathers; young people on the margins of society who may be involved in risky or anti-social behaviour; young people struggling to engage fully with education; families with pre-school children; and young people with an autistic spectrum condition. Our work is long term, relational and needs-led. We work with participants to develop their skills and to enable their progress towards training, work and positive involvement in the community. In Cambourne, we partner with CYP to deliver open-access and targeted youth work, on the streets, in schools and at the youth centre.

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